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RAI B7 2.0T Red Label EFR Turbo Kit
RAI B7 2.0T Red Label EFR Turbo Kit
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Our Price: $3,695.95

Product Code: RAI_B7_REDLABEL

Red Label Turbo Options



Catch Can Kit:


IN HOUSE INSTALL ONLY!!! Base Turbo Kit Highlights:
-Borg Warner EFR 6758 Turbocharger with integrated diverter valve and wastegate.
-TIG welded manifold
-TIG welded downpipe with V-band discharge
-Stainless steel braided Line Kit
-High pressure silicone intake and pressure pipe
-Full hardware installation kit

Use the drop down menus to customize your turbo kit:
-Eurodyne Maestro with big turbo base file
-RS4 FSI Injectors
-High Pressure Fuel Pumps from, Autotec and KMD
-RAI B7 A4 catch can kit

RAI Motorsport Red Label System

About the RED Label

The RAI Motorsport RED Label system was developed to create a balance of affordability, scalability, and reliability. The biggest difference between the RED label system and our premium Black Label systems is the use of a hand welded log manifold. Going to this “old school” design not only reduces cost of the turbo system, but also this allows for very simple “DIY” installation.

 The RED Label boosting system fills a very large void in the RAI Motorsport catalog. Simply put the BLACK label system is far more advanced than any offering in the B7 A4 community, and has proven itself capable of near 500 crank horsepower, with incredibly fast spool time. Unfortunately the cost of the this system, and the demand of supporting modifications, put this system out of reach for many enthusiast. The RED label is our offering to combat the current cast manifold systems offered by our competitors.

The RED Label system still benefits from testing and development previously completed by RAI Motorsport. With being the first Audi tuning company to successfully test and develop both the Garrett GTX and Borg Warner EFR turbochargers, our real world data allowed us to select the most optimal turbocharger for our goals with the RED Label system. After closely studying the data, and working directly with the engineers at Borg Warner, we selected the EFR 6758 to be our solution. The next generation technology, and integrated feature sets of the EFR make it a clear winner for the RED Label. More information about the technology found in the EFR can be found here.

Who is the RED Label for?

The RED Label system is targeted for enthusiast looking to lightly modify their car, or looking to develop their build over time. The RED Label can be used on a completely stock engine when paired with mild boost pressure settings. Further this system has the capacity to support up to 400 wheel horsepower as the user further develops their supporting modifications. In its simplest form ( stock engine, running low boost pressure ) , the RED Label is completely capable of 300 wheel horsepower and 315 wheel torque at 20-22 psi of boost pressure. Further more it offers similar spool characteristics as the KOR-GT upgrade, with the added bonus of a power band that does not fall off at higher RPM. With our creation of the RED Label system, we have successfully took the leading position for mid level boosting system solutions.

The Options Explained

The RED Label system has a few options for users to decide. Below is a listing of the options found in the drop down menu's.

RS4 Fuel Injectors – The go to injector solution for RAI Motorsport B7 A4 tuning. This is the largest injector solution readily available for the B7 A4, capable of supporting near 500 crank horsepower as tested by us.

Maestro Tuning Suite – This is our favorite software solution. Included with the Maestro tuning suite is a standard base file developed to work with the RAI Red Label system. Further, the Maestro suite puts further tuning development into the consumers hands to fine tune the ECU. Features also include high speed data logging, fault code reading and clearing. Purchase of this option is highly recommended, and it also comes with access to the RAI Data cloud hosted by Google.

RAI Catch Can Kit – This upgrade is recommended to combat the added crankcase pressure due to the big turbo system upgrade. Further more it allows the engine to operate cleaner.

HPFP's – The mechanical high pressure fuel pump is a limiting factor even in the early stages of B7 A4 performance tuning. We carry three options for users to choose from, we recommend doing your research on the individual companies offered and making whatever decision us best for you.


In its basic form the RED Label system is designed to operate with factory boost control. The Borg Warner EFR turbo comes equipped with a medium pressure waste gate that responds great to factory N75 control. It is recommended to upgrade your intercooler as well. The RAI Motorsport FMIC featuring a Garrett core is optimally sized for this turbocharger's air flow capacities. For users looking to generate more than 300 wheel horsepower we recommend forged rods. We also prefer MAF'less configurations, however users may keep their MAF integrated if they choose.


RAI Motorsport hand made components come with a limited lifetime warranty against premature failure and defects. See our warranty terms for more information.

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