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RAI Longitudinal 1.8T EFR Kit
RAI Longitudinal 1.8T EFR Kit
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Product Code: RAI_B5B61.8T_EFR

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IN HOUSE INSTALL ONLY!!! The longitudinal 1.8T EFR system was developed as our solution for a low compromise 1.8T turbo upgrade. With turbocharging a small displacement engine, there are often too many compromises that come into play. High horsepower means a sacrifice of torque and response. Strong response means a low peak horsepower output. The one way to be able to combat these compromises in the past has been to spending a fortune in engine development to increase displacement or increase peak air flow, and then still having some negatives to live with. The EFR turbo system we have developed is backed by years of 1.8T turbocharging experience. We have done projects on the 1.8T every way possible and have compiled a ton of data as to what works and what does not and more importantly the pro's and con's of the different setups.

Any engine is comparable to a fine tuned orchestra, all components must work together. The port sizes, manifold design, down-pipe, etc were all chosen and used to achieve a large useable power-band. The EFR turbo is the center piece of this. The technology Borg Warner utilizes allows the best response and air flow of any turbo solution on the market today. Because of this and properly engineered supporting hardware we are pleased to say that we have achieved 1.8T perfection. The compromises and downfalls of existing systems are now a thing of past. Our bolt on turbo system for the EFR is based around the B1 chassis range of EFR turbo's. The B1 range was chosen because it offers the two best variants when used on a 1.8T engine, and they have the ability to go even further when engine upgrades surpass the norm of drop in rods, and go to increased displacement, or higher air flow capacity variants. Two turbocharger options reside in this range that we especially like for the 1.8T, the 6258 and 6758. These turbos are capable of high air volume at a relatively low pressure. They can both hit their peak air flow volumes at 30 psi. The 6758 delivers 49 lbs per minute at 30 psi and the 6258 delivers 44 lbs per minute at 30 psi. These air volumes and pressures are perfect matches for the 1.8T engine.

For street cars or daily drivers who want the most response we recommend using the 6258. This turbo with our tubular manifold is capable of 440 horsepower. The 6758 is capable of 490 horsepower with a small sacrifice in response for those that want big upper rpm performance. The EFR ball bearing system is the most responsive available, as well as most robust in terms of reliability. Even when the turbo is in vacuum before it is generating positive boost pressure, it allows the 1.8T engine to operate much more efficiently then other cast manifold, Garrett GT combinations. Also while the dyno information is very impressive for the EFR, the thing we are most excited about are the things a dyno test cannot show. The response, spool time, air flow efficiency and sound are all the best we have ever sampled. The tubular manifold design was implemented for several reasons. Now while it is no secret that the equal length tubular manifold design is the best solution for turbocharging, it has often been utilized only in expensive, high level builds.

The EFR was engineered with the best internal wastegate design ever used in performance turbocharging. Also it integrates the diverter valve in the compressor housing. Because of this, we had our green light in offering a tubular solution. Avoiding the cost of a diverter valve, its plumbing and hardware saves hundreds of dollars, the same is true for the wastegate. These savings subsidize the cost of the manifold and still offer a savings versus a cast manifold solution. The tubular manifold design we implemented was targeted to deliver some pretty high demands. We needed it to pressurize fast, and flow all the air the EFR could push, also completely resist any cylinder interference, and finally be strong enough that we could back it with a lifetime warranty against failure. In the manifolds production we are utilizing welding a preparation techniques that have never been used here at R.A.I. Motorsport before strictly for long term reliability and strength. This manifold was engineered specifically to the the B1 chassis EFR turbo's, it was not designed to be a one size fits all type of solution. Most one size fits all components generally do average jobs at everything, where a focused solution will do a much better job at everything with no compromises.


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