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RAI Motorsport "Build Your Own" C5 A6 2.7T Service Kit
RAI maintenance kits, a6 MAINTENANCE, audi a6 filter
Our Price: $0.99


Engine Oil

Oil Filters

Oil Drain Plugs

Cabin Filter

Ignition Coils

Fuel Filter

02 Sensor

Spark Plugs

Air Filter

Maintenance is the most important thing you can do for your vehicle. It prolongs the life of vital engine parts, helps with fuel economy, and prevents any premature failures. Here at R.A.I. Motorsport, we want to make finding the right maintenance parts for your vehicle quick and simple. This is why we have released our "Build your Own" Service Kits.

Available in the kits:

- Motor Oil: The most important maintenance item. Oil should be changed with a fresh filter and drain plug every 5k miles. We carry only the best European Synthetic Oils to make sure your engine gets the proper lubrication

- Oil Filters: Oil filters go hand-in-hand with Motor Oil. They clean up the oil as it cycles through the engine, protecting it against debris.

- Oil Drain Plug: Audi recommends replacing the factory drain plug each time the oil is changed. The drain plug has a one-time crush washer that is prone to leaking if used more than once.

- Spark Plugs: Spark plugs are an extremely important part of the ignition system. They can result in better fuel economy, a smoother idle and drive, and more power.

- Ignition Coils: These have been a problem on the 1.8T engines, and Audi has released a variety of revisions to fix this problem. The newest revision "D" coilpacks have proven to be the best so far, and are also the cheapest.

- Cabin Filter: The cabin filter is often overlooked when doing maintenance, but is very important. The cabin filter cleans the air used in the A/C and heating systems, which means cleaner air for you and your passengers.

- Fuel Filter: The fuel filter protects the engine from sediments that can be picked up when filling up at the pump. Replacing the fuel filter can lead to quicker engine starts, and can get rid of certain engine hesitation due to buildup in the filter.

- Oxygen Sensors: In 2001, Audi implemented a "wideband" front oxygen sensor. The engine computer uses this sensor for almost everything, so when the sensor dies or is not reading correctly, the car will have a variety of problems. A new oxygen sensor will make the car run smoother in every situation.

- Air Filter: The air filter is the initial entry point for air into the engine. Because of this, the need for a clean air filter is obvious. A clogged filter will make the engine work harder to take in the air it needs, sacrificing power and fuel economy.

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