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List Price: $949.99
Our Price: $949.99
Sale Price: $899.99

Product Code: IEIMVC1


MUST SPECIFY IN ORDER NOTES***********************

Specify color                                  Optional Install Kit Specify
RED                                                      MK6 GOLF R
BLUE                                                    MK6 GTI
Black                                                     MK 5
                                                               B8 A4/A5
  • 2.0T intake manifolds are currently on pre-sale with an expected delivery date of mid to late April, 2015. All pre-ordered manifolds are $50.00 off and will receive a free manifold install kit. More manifold install kits will be added as they become available.

    The Integrated Engineering 2.0T FSI/TSI/TFSI intake manifold was carefully designed to provide an effective power increase across the entire rpm range with no loss in low-end power or spool time, with the ability to be used on any turbo setup, including the stock turbo. We have incorporated several motorsport features into this intake manifold, making it outperform the factory unit, as well as other aftermarket manifolds available.

    Manifold features:

    The manifolds are cast from a special self aging, self hardening alloy with especially strict requirements for chemical composition. The aluminum manifold makes a great replacement for the stock plastic unit, which is common failure point. 
    Featuring aggressively sized runners and velocity stacks that have been optimally tuned for large power increases throughout the entire RPM band. The flow tested velocity stacks deliver more air than any other manifold on the market.
    This plenum on this manifold has been generously sized and shaped to distribute airflow as evenly as possible to all 4 cylinders. The 2.4L internal volume is a massive improvement over the factory piece and ensures a steady supply of air for the engine.
    spoolQUICK SPOOL
    With carefully selected runner diameter and length, the IE manifold provides a good balance of power gains throughout the entire powerband, with no loss in spool time or low-end power.
    We have carefully engineered and tested this intake manifold in house to get the best results possible in any condition. Due to the unique plenum and runner design all setups with K04 or larger turbos will see gains throughout the entire RPM range.
    Each runner is ready for individual water/methanol injection nozzles.  The cast and pre-drilled and threaded 1/8" NPT ports will make installing your water/meth setup easy.  For those not using this feature, the manifolds include blocking plugs.



    Performance data:
    Using the latest in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software, our engineers have optimized the manifold's airflow and power range for virtually any turbo charger. As seen below on an IE stage 2 91 octane K04 Golf R, there are significant power and torque increases throughout the entire rpm range, with no loss in low-end power or spool time. What that means for you is an incredible increase in the driving experience with a bolt-on performance product, with truly no downsides. Larger power gains are to be seen on big turbo setups as well, with a manifold that is tuned for the natural powerband of the 2.0T engines from 3000-7500rpm.



    Here you can see the gains over stock horsepower and torque on 91 octane. You will notice that there is over a 30% increase in torque and over 20% increase in horsepower at certain points.


    Finally, here are some Golf R results on 100 octane. The car was a full stage 2, including IE FDS intercooler, IE HPFP, a full exhaust, and intake system.


    Performance design:
    Our plenum design has been generously sized and shaped to optimize and distribute airflow evenly to all 4 cylinders. Plenum volume has been increased to 2.4L, much larger than any other manifold available. To match the large plenum, we have precisely tuned runner length and diameter.  Dramatic power and torque increases come from making small changes to the runner design. Our engineers are equipped with CFD software, 3D printing, and in-house engine and chassis dynamometers that were used to research and test many velocity stack and plenum designs.  The end result is the best performing intake manifold optimized specifically for 2.0T engines. The IE intake manifold is the only manifold on the market that incorporate integrated velocity stacks. 



    Each manifold is cast and machined in the USA by a foundry who is a major OEM supplier. The manifolds are cast from a special self aging, self hardening alloy with especially strict requirements for chemical composition. Top of the line Japanese machining centers machine all major surfaces of the parts in one setup, ensuring perfect fit, finish, and maximum value. Each manifold is finished with a black powdercoat and equipped with a billet velocity stack cover, available in an array of colors.

    Additionally, the manifolds are provided  with a 1/8" NPT tapped port on each runner for water/methanol injection setups.  For builds not using water/methanol injection, you can simply block off the ports using the provided plugs.  For advanced builders, our engineers have left generous space around these ports, which can be machined for injector ports if desired for secondary fuel systems. Integrated Engineering will not be offering a machining service for these injector ports.


    Additional Features:
    -Tuned for excellent power and torque gains throughout the entire rpm range
    -No loss in spool time
    -O ring seals on head flange, throttle body, and velocity stack cover (no liquid gasket or RTV required)
    -No wiring extension required for intake air temp sensor
    -Direct replacement for factory manifold
    -Thick wall cast construction for durability
    -Choice of black, red, or blue anodized velocity stack cover
    -Black powdercoat finish
    -Includes required fasteners and seals, but vehicle-specific install kits sold separately
    -100% engineered, tested, designed, cast, and machined in USA


    What kind of power gains will I see?
    By simply installing the IE intake manifold and matching software, power increases from a stage 2 K04 setup are 31 ft/lbs @ 3000rpm and 20whp at 4800rpm. Setups using larger turbochargers will see greater gains.

    What else will I need to install?
    Along with purchasing the IE intake manifold, you will need a vehicle-specific install kit. With the initial launch of this manifold, we will be offering install kits for MK5 2.0T, MK6 2.0T, MK6 Golf R, and B8 A4 (not Flex Fuel version). We have plans to develop an install kit for the B7 A4 in the future, but they will NOT be available for the initial release.

    Will I need tuning for this manifold?
    Yes, tuning is required to install this product. With the IE intake manifold, you will no longer use the runner flaps, so the coding for that system will need to be removed.

    Are there any modifications needed to install?
    There are a few small modifications needed for installation. In order to make the power needed, the runners had to be much larger than the factory ones, which makes for slight interference with the fuel rail. The sheet metal mount bracket on the fuel rail must be slightly modified to clear the runners. You will also need to remove the engine lift hooks, as the larger runners interfere with them as well. On TSI cars, you must slightly bend a high pressure fuel hose, which can be done by hand. Also, a strap or plier-style oil filter wrench must be used to remove the oil filter on TSI cars, as the manifold is closer than stock.

    How does the IE intake manifold compare to others on the market?
    The IE intake manifold was designed from the ground-up, with quick spool and performance in mind. We have spent much time dialing in the runner length, diameter, plenum size, and plenum shape. These characteristics make the IE manifold the best performing part on the market, with gains throughout the entire rpm range. The IE manifold is also much more visually appealing with a black powdercoat finish and the option of red, black, or blue anodized velocity stack cover. 

    Do I have to run water methanol with this manifold?
    Our manifold is machined with 1/8" NPT ports to accept water meth nozzles on each runner.  However, for those not looking to utilize these, the manifolds will include threaded plugs to block those ports.

     I see that you only offer the manifold in a black powdercoat finish. Is there a benefit to the black finish?
    The black powdercoat finish is not only visually appealing, but it is much easier to keep clean. Raw cast aluminum parts easily collect dirt and stains that are difficult to remove. The powdercoat finish does not show dirt easily and can be easily cleaned.

    Can I run my aftermarket throttle pipe with the IE intake manifold?
    The IE intake manifold was designed around the factory throttle pipe using the IE silicone coupler (included in install kits). If your throttle pipe fits the same as the OEM unit, then there should be no issues using it.

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