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A Letter From Ray

By reading this we know you are amongst the elitist of European auto owners. You enjoy your driving experience and love your vehicles. An enthusiasts love for there car is a sacred relationship, one that we know how to honor.

RAI Motorsport was founded in 2006 by myself while working out of the garage of my home.  During this time it was only side work and I never dreamed that we would get to this level. Quickly word of my work spread and in under a year I was forced to make a decision: go professional or stop doing what I love to do. The decision was easy. Today R.A.I. Motorsport is in a 10,000 square foot facility, and is undoubtedly a leader and innovator in our field. I have constantly invested into the best trainings and equipment to grow stronger and be able to offer our customers the best solutions.

The R.A.I. Motorsport service shop is our crown achievement. The shop is what has fueled our rapid growth. I constantly hold my staff to a higher degree of performance and ability than what is the industry standard today, and I work very hard to find the best mechanics available. We are not interested in common part exchangers here. Our mechanics must be fluent in the modern fuel injection engine and, more importantly, they must have the drive and passion to become Masters of their crafts. This company devotes a vast amount of resources insuring this is done properly. At R.A.I. Motorsport, we believe the mechanic position is one of the most complex career choices that could be made. With the technology found in the modern automobile, a mechanic must have the ability to be an auto technician, HVAC specialist, information technology administrator, electrician, fabricator, and last a engineer of various disciplines. We give our technicians the training and experience they need to become true master mechanics after years of disciplined service.

Our shop has the latest in diagnostic tooling to assure we can handle any car that may come into our facility. Also we have more OEM tools than most specialty shops. We are on a direct level with factory tool distribution, allowing us to get OEM tools for the most current model year vehicles. Our shop also differs from many I have seen in the respect of current model year support. It is very commonplace to see a current model year being serviced or upgraded in our shop. In order to properly service and modify these vehicles, we invest a lot in technical documentation. This is only one example of our commitment to excellence.

The customer service of the shop is second to none. Any vehicle that comes into our facility must undergo a protocol that ensures proper service and value to you the customer. We have tailored the experience at R.A.I. Motorsport to be as customer friendly as possible. Our typical shop flow works like this.

  1. You the customer call or email R.A.I. Motorsport with the your symptoms or requested services.

  2. An accurate estimate is made and either given to you via phone or email. We take this time to accommodate your schedule.

  3. After the your vehicle is checked in, we gather the additional vehicle details and a courtesy inspection follows.

  4. Any items found to require service will be recommended to the customer with a rating of severity. Before we contact the customer, we write a sub estimate to give you an accurate cost and lead time.

  5. Once approved by you, an approved repair order is issued and then the work begins. Engine bays are cleaned and if the wheels were removed for service, they will be wiped down as well.

  6. Once the work is complete, the car is quality controlled and then signed off for delivery.

During this whole process,  any information the customer needs will be presented in a very clear manor. For those with limited automotive knowledge a proper explanation will be given until you are sure and confident in the validity of the repairs. We also provide photo documentation on request so you can see the problems for yourself. We do whatever is necessary to earn and keep your trust.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to learn more about us, and I look forward to dealing with you personally.  

-Ray Itwaru

Owner, RAI Motorsport.

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